Get Your Very Own LOVETOON
Recreate Your Memorable Moments
Get Your Very Own LOVETOON
Recreate Your Memorable Moments
Celebrate the special people in your life by creating animations that feature your treasured moments from a unique perspective. The fun part about Lovetoons is the time you will spend building it with your partner or loved one.
Option 1: Realistic 2D
The Realistic 2D option offers a very close-to-reality illustration of your image, hair, complexion, facial features (minus wrinkles, we give you a good night's sleep), and more. However, this option requires a lot more time and energy but we are here for it! In short, we will make you look exactly how you want to look.
Option 2: Cartoon Style 2D
The Cartoon Style 2D option is a nice blend between the Realistic 2D option and a caricature, less the disproportionate features you see with caricatures.

This style of drawing makes us look cute, innocent, fresh, and very likable. We borrow this style from Japanese animations (anime). You will notice big eyes, round little faces, button noses, and more. This style is not intended to capture your perfect portrait. It is intended to be a representation of your inner child. We also want to point out that this is the most popular option.
Start your love story off like one of the many Marvel movies with the pages of the comics flipping by.

LoveStrips are perfect for surprising your loved one with visuals of a beautiful point in time (you can also build it together!). Provide us with their pictures, the setting, and the storyline, and let our artists go to work creating your LoveStrip.
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How It Works
When was the last time you and your partner or loved one built an animation of a fun time in your life? You guys may have completed a crossword puzzle, cooked together, hiked together, and more. Now you can add script writing, illustration, animation, and directing to your playbook. We get you going in 3 simple steps!
Your Story
We make this process fun and interactive for you guys. You provide us with images of yourselves, your place or setting, and your social media handles so we can get to know you better.

You will write your own script and provide your actual voices. From there we will illustrate, animate and lip sync you to your artwork and on to animation. There is much to show you guys! Fun times ahead!
Share Your Love With The World!
Whether you opted for Option #1, Option #2 or a LoveStrip, we will guide you in polishing off your moment to show the world. We will provide you with access to your scripts, raw images, animations and finished product via mp4. You will be able to drip it out or blast your audience with this new expression of love. It's all you. And if you are comfy, we would like to add your story to our gallery to show the world that regular people can do this, and create new digital memories. Are you ready to get started yet?
About Lovetoons
The idea of Lovetoons was created by me, Zuirrae. What started off as an idea to share the beginning of our love story with family and friends became bigger overnight. It occurred to us many others would love the opportunity to do the same. So now we serve everyone who wants to tell their story in a fun and animated way.

We are creative entrepreneurs with locations in northern New Jersey and Miami, Florida. We work together and with many other couples everywhere to recreate and spread their love stories. Love is the emotion we feel for someone that penetrates deep into our souls and leaves a lasting impression.

We look forward to helping you tell your love story with a Lovetoon or a LoveStrip!
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